Steven Schmidt & Cristian Guerrero - Mad World: A New Musical

Steven Schmidt & Cristian Guerrero - Mad World: A New Musical

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Back in 2011, I had made call backs for my schools chamber choir as a freshman. We got a huge packet of music to study for the call back audition and only a few days to do it. I was a music major and had made callbacks so, shouldn’t have been too big of a problem. Except, I didn’t know how to read music. At all. 

I stumbled through some practice halls, until eventually, I found a guy practicing the pieces who seemed to have a good handle on things. Naturally, I busted into the room and begged him to help me. Not desperate at all. 

Of course, with such preparation and natural ability, you can guess what happened next…we both made it in. I would pretty much count on Steven the exact same way through 4 years of concerts, performances in the Vatican City and international competitions around the world. 

Going back further to 2009, Steven and his best friend Cristian Guerrero decided to take a REALLY big creative leap. Steven, the composer and Cristian, the actor/writer/director, decided they would write a musical together. 

Never could they imagine that there show, “Mad World” based on the life and mystery of Alice in Wonderland creator, Charles Dodgson or Lewis Carrol, would become what it is today. 

Having won prestigious competitions and having been given the highest distinction in history by the Lewis Carrol society itself, Mad World has become one of the nation's fastest rising musicals. The duo have gone on to launch a theater company as well to write another show, Bravo, which recently won the New Musical Inc. award for Best New Musical, as well as a $25,000 prize and Broadway World coverage! They are truly, rising stars. 

Taking the leap into music is difficult enough. Musicals, take it to a whole new level. I’m so excited for you to get an inside look at the process of creating this beautiful and rare art form. Their story is filled with inspiring reminders of how to take risks doing what you love, as well as the power of community in the creative process. 

So, follow us down the rabbit hole for a moment, on The Creative Leap by Dubsado. 



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