We've been there




Your host: Alexander Tutungi

The idea of “The Creative Leap” is so dear to my heart because for the longest time, I was that person refusing to let myself dream. Worried that I couldn’t possibly figure it out, before I even began. I made safe decisions until eventually, I had to take my own Creative Leap.

When I did, life began to put opportunities, people and stories in my path that helped me realize my desire to empower others. Somehow, it led me to this incredible community we call Dubsado. Those moments have culminated in “The Creative Leap" and I could not be more humbled and excited to be a part of it.

Everything we do here at Dubsado is with the goal of empowering our fellow creatives. Every day we come in, we ask ourselves, how can this mission of empowering creatives go beyond a software? How can we do anything and everything we can to help people along this journey, in ways maybe we never had! Thus, The Creative Leap was born. Because we’ve been there. The people who inspire us have been there. Right where you are right now or maybe where you think you could never be...Taking that leap. 

I hope what you experience here will give you the confidence and clarity you need, to start dreaming. Maybe it’s to keep dreaming! To believe that you are capable of so much more than you ever thought. We’re all rooting for you! 

Join us on “The Creative Leap by Dubsado.”