Are you gonna take the leap?   


A Dubsado Podcast for Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Dreamers. 

The Creative Leap by Dubsado, is a podcast focused on the journey of pursuing our true passions. Hear how creatives, entrepreneurs and difference makers like you, overcame their fears, found courage and took "The Creative Leap." Episodes are hosted by Alexander Tutungi. 


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What are your passions? 

What is that thing you’ve always wanted to pursue, but lacked the courage to? Have you wanted to impact the world, but not known where to start? Have you let doubt and fear stop you from thriving? What did it take, to bring you to this point: where what you’ve always wanted is just a bold step away?

Hear inspiring stories. 

Each week, we sit down with some of the most inspiring, successful and creative people out there. People who all started where you are now: wondering if they could do it. We’ll hear their stories, how they realized their dreams, the obstacles they faced and why they decided to take their own “Creative Leap”

Find courage. 

We hope their stories give you valuable insight into how to pursue your passions responsibly.  We hope they help you find courage. Courage to know you are ready. Courage to know it is possible. Courage to start. 



You can listen to The Creative Leap by Dubsado anytime! Whether you’re doing chores, getting work done, on a run, or stuck in traffic, we’d love for you to join us. Episodes release every Monday. 


Sometimes, the best time to make the leap is when you feel least prepared. So, what are you waiting for? 



A Dubsado Podcast

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